TYPEONEERROR crafts strategically planned and expertly executed digital products that delight, engage, and ultimately build stronger brands and businesses. Devoted to our craft, we work with technically savvy businesses looking for a smart digital partner.



Ben Borowski

Technology Director

Ben founded T1E in 2010 after working in agency-land for six years. He utilizes many years of technical strategy and his design sensibilities from a background in fine arts to guide clients through interactive strategies.


Marie Poulin

Creative Director

Marie and Ben combined forces in 2014 to bootstrap their forthcoming startup Dōki. Marie helps brands and entrepreneurs build lasting communities and collaborates with Ben on projects requiring deeper design strategy.


Mochi Chan


Our boutique agency puppy mascot is cuter than your boutique agency puppy mascot. She's also the star of her own video game. Often found chilling, sleeping, and chasing lasers in the service of such muchness. Wow.


Our approach is an adaptive one. We understand that business goals are often a moving target, so we stay agile and work hard to be open, communicative, and above all, honest. We can assist you at any phase in your project, but we prefer to be hands-on in all of them.


Audit & Define

Every project begins with thorough research and analysis specific to your requirements. We assess your team, business goals, and content needs, utilizing this strategic insight to create a detailed specification that outlines a plan of action for creating a final product.


Identify & Polish

After the requirements specification, we develop a visual design for the product, with mind to the goals and features planned during discovery. We take an iterative approach in working towards a polished product and to ensure that the interfaces meet functional requirements.


Craft & Code

The core of the work of most products, the development phase includes integrating design with programming logic to ensure functional goals are met. Releases of the product in progress are often shared with small testing teams to test the quality of the deliverables.


Ship & Sustain

Let's launch this thing! Our favorite step of all, of course (and likely yours too). We oversee the launch of the product, collecting feedback and fine-tuning the user experience while continuing to ensure the products are defect-free and meeting success metrics.


We help bootstrap businesses built around digital products. We prefer collaborations where we are partnering with you and your team to create an application or website from ideation to launch, however, we know that many projects are bigger than our small team, and we're happy to fit your team's needs as consultants.

What We Do

Technologies We

  • Ruby/Rails
  • iOS/Objective-C
  • PHP/Zend
  • HTML5/CSS/Sass
  • Node/Javascript
  • WordPress

App Incubation

Do you need help with native iOS or Android applications, a robust web application, or a cross-platform desktop app? Check out how we typically work with our partners below then get in touch for more. Get In Touch

Web Design & Development 1-2 Months+

We employ modern tools and techniques to create user-empowering websites & mobile-responsive solutions. Services include design & development, content management, wire-framing & prototyping, and usability testing & search engine optimization.

Digital Strategy Intensive 1 day+

Great, you've got a big idea and now you "just need someone to build it." The bad news: ideas are 1% of product development. Bring us your idea for an application—after scheduling, we'll research the potential market and determine the resources you'll need to put together to make the app a reality; a cohesive strategy for launching your digital product.

App Creation 2–6 Months+

Bring your big ideas; we’ll oversee market research, strategy, visual design and the myriad technologies needed to make your product a fantastic reality. Everything in the Strategy Intensive, plus we design, build, and help you ship the whole damn thing.

Games & Experiences

We create unique games, social interactions, and activity-based apps; cross-platform experiences that delight and increase engagement with your user base and promote brand awareness (and fun!). Get In Touch


We routinely partner with businesses and other agencies to craft casual gaming experiences for iPhones and iPads, Android, Browsers, and Desktop platforms. Integrate your brands and products with game logic, platform-specific logistics, leaderboards, and achievements. Let's play!

Social Media Integrations & Experiences

We work with our clients to ideate and execute effective Facebook campaigns and to integrate their apps with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other crucial social platforms. Got some crazy custom platform you want us to hook up to? We can hack it.


Have an existing project that needs some love with a technology we're familiar with? For select clients, we are available on an hourly or weekly basis. Contact us for rates and availability. Get In Touch