This page is inspired by Danny De Vries



The pièce de résistance of my setup is a Dell UltraSharp 49” Curved Monitor. I get made fun of for this monstrosity, but I think it’s become one of my favourite parts of my space.

Photo of my desk with a large monitor

Basking in the green glory


My daily driver is a 2019 MacBook Pro. I use the MBP to connect to a NUC running Ubunutu Server. Keeps those MBP fans on chill. I’d have a difficult time leaving macOS as my GUI, so having a second machine is kiler.

Intel NUC

This little guy lowkey kicks the MBP’s butt


As is obvious from my interview on their website, my favourite keyboard is ZSA’s Moonlander. I run Kailh Silver switches and various fun hand-made keycaps. My RSI is to the point where I can’t really use a mouse with my dominant hand. So I use a Apple Magic Trackpad and taught myself left-handed mousing.

The ZSA Moonlander

The Moonlander keyboard and a Monogram console (great for music production)

Other Gear


I spend most of my day in Firefox, Notion, VS Code, Tower (for Git), and iTerm. I love Vim and utilize VS Code’s Vim plugin. VS Code’s remote SSH plugin lets me connect to the NUC and save all the precious resources for running Slack and Firefox tabs on the Mac.

Divvy’s configuration screen

Hyper key + vim moves to manage windows

For databases, I utilize DataGrip by JetBrains, which has really leveled up my PostgreSQL skills.

I use Divvy to manage windows, including mapping all my window moves using the Moonlander’s Hyper (which is Alt+Shift+Ctrl+Cmd all together) key and various Vim moves as well (see image at right).

I really love the switch-up from 2x monitors to 1x super-wide, especially with window management like this.

Focus helps me manage distractions and Pomodoros, I design in Figma, and I would be super-sad without Spark for email.